How to Create an On-call Schedule and Assign/Remove On-call Shifts

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Through Talenta, you can manage the On-call schedule and shift features. This feature is found on the On-call Index page. With this feature, you can plan which employees should be on call on selected dates and send notifications to those people when an emergency occurs.

You can create schedules, assign them directly/in advance, delete, and cancel on-call tasks. Following are the steps.

A. How to Manage On-call Schedule

  1. To schedule a specific On-call date for employees so that they are ready before that date, go to the Time Management menu, then click On call.
  2. Click “Create on-call”.
  3. Click Schedule.
  4. Complete the Date and Description of the On-call schedule.

    - You can select more than 1 day.
    - Click “Guidebook” to open this guide.
    - Filling in the Description column is an optional action.

  5. Click "Select employees" to select which employees you assign to the On-call shift on the selected date.
  6. Click on the names of the employees you want to assign. Therefore, the employee's name will move to the selected list on the right. If it is appropriate, click "Submit" to save the names of the selected employees to the list of selected employees.

    - Click "Filter" to make it easier for you to search for employee names based on certain types, such as Branch, Organization, Job position, Job level, or Employment status.
    - Search for a specific employee by typing the employee's name in the “Search bar”.
    - Click "Select all" to select all employees listed in the list on the left.

  7. Therefore, the names of employees will appear on the list of selected employees as follows.
    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Search bar Click to search for a specific employee's name in the Assign employee list.
    2 Name checkboxes Click to check the employee names to carry out the mass Remove employee action.
    3 Schedule checkboxes Click to check the names of employees to assign these employees in bulk or individually according to the date.
    4 Select all Click to select all the dates in the list according to the employee name row.
    5 Delete from the list Click to delete the employee's name in the On-call assignment list.
  8. Click “Save” to save the new On-call schedule.
  9. Hence, the names of employees on the schedule will be entered on the On-call schedule page with the status Not assigned . Click “Actions” then Assign on-call shift to assign the employee.
  10. Hence, the Assign on-call shift sidebar appears as follows. The employee's shift on that date will be listed in the detailed plan. Select "Add on-call shift" to determine the employee's on-call shift time which is a shift outside of working hours that day (if there is a shift).
  11. Then, enter the Start time and End time for the On-call shift. Make sure the time is outside working hours.

    Click "Add on-call shift" if there is more than 1 on-call shift outside working hours.

  12. Therefore, the on-call shift was successfully assigned. You can see the details of the assigned shift by hovering the cursor over the On-call shift column as in the image below.
  13. Click “Actions” if you want to add an on-call shift assignment (Assign on-call shift) or delete it (Remove on-call shift).

B. How to Manage On-call Shifts Without Creating an On-call Schedule

  1. To directly assign shifts (with specific dates and times) to employees, click “Create on-call” then Shift.
  2. Then, the Create on-call shift sidebar will appear.
    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Employees Select the employee name here.
    2 Date Determine the on-call shift date.
    3 Shifts Employee shift information on the specified date appears here.
    4 Add on-call shift Click to add an on-call shift. Hence, enter the Start time and End time for the On-call shift. Make sure the time is outside working hours.

    Click "Add on-call shift" if there is more than 1 on-call shift outside working hours.

  3. If the information filled in on the on-call shift form is correct, select "Save". Or, select "Save & create new" if you want to save this overtime plan and create a new overtime plan.

This is a guide for managing an on-call schedule. Furthermore, if you want to know about other schedule management features in Talenta, you can learn about the Scheduler feature here.