How to Request Time Off on Talenta Web

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Apart from taking absences, employees can request time off on Talenta Web as well as on the Talenta Mobile App. Request Time Off on Mobile Talenta is a feature that can be used to request leave by employees via the Mobile Talenta application instantly and easily. 

You need to know that the leave policy (Time off policy) is different for each company. To apply for leave, you need to know the policies that have been given to you or consult with your supervisor first.

Here are the steps.

  1. On the Talenta web main page, click on your profile then Account Settings.
  2. In Time Management , click Timeoff.
  3. You will be directed to the time off information page, which contains details about the remaining time off and history. Click "Request time off".
  4. In the pop-up that appears, complete and fill in the empty columns.
    No Column/Button Name Description
    1 Time off type Select the available time off type.

    If the time off you choose has an hourly policy, you can choose Full day, Half day or Hourly.

    2 Start date Determine the start date of leave.
    3 End date Determine the end date of leave.

    If you choose the hourly policy , then you can enter Shift, Time off start (eg. 09:00-18:00), and Duration as in the following image.

    4 Attach files Include attached proof of leave if necessary.
    5 Delegate to Delegate your leave to your direct supervisor or coworkers.
    6 Note Include notes or details of leave (eg. doctor's appointment, sickness, etc.)
  5. Click “Request time off” to request leave.

This is a guide on how to request time off via Talenta web.