How to Set Up and Update Payroll Component Approval

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As the Super Admin role holder on Talenta, you can set payroll component approval updates. Therefore, every change to the payroll component made by employees can be validated by the Super Admin through the approval process. Before studying this guide, you can learn how to do payroll approval first here.

A. How to Access Payroll Approval Update Settings

  1. You can click the downward arrow next to your profile photo. Then select Account Settings.
  2. Click the ESS tab.
  3. Look for the Update Payroll Component setting, then click “No Approval”.
  4. Therefore, the button changes to the following, and click "Edit".

    Make sure you have added approval settings and completed each empty column so that the features can be used optimally.

  5. Then, you will see the following display.
    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Settings

    The Settings column functions to select to whom (subject) this approval setting will apply. Users can make settings with several options (all employees, jobs, organization, job level, employee ID, branch).

    - Select Settings for all employees, and then the Value column automatically becomes a gray area.
    - When choosing a job, you need to choose what job position you want to set approval for (CEO, HRD staff, etc.).

    2 Value Fill in the specifications according to the settings selected in the settings column in the Value column.
    3 Auto Ascend If Auto Ascend is checked, then when the job position is empty, the request will be forwarded to the job position in the layer above it.
    4 Position In the Position column, there is an Up Down function to move the subject order or approval path.
    5 Add more Add an approval setting subject by clicking this button if necessary. 
    6 Rules Determine the approver layer rules here and click "Close" when appropriate.
    • Approval lists can be created in more than one layer by clicking the "Add more" button on the approval rule page so that the request can only be approved if it has been approved by several levels of approval.
    • In the Settings column, you can select approval based on Upper Job PositionEmployee IDConsultant, or Approval line.
    • In Request type, you can choose Requested if employees can make their own requests. Or, select Requester if the employee cannot make the request himself.
    • Fill in the Value column based on the Job Position level that has approval.
    • Make sure you fill in at least one Approval Rule to become an approver later.
  6. If the Approval settings are complete, click "Save".

B. How to Approve or Reject an Application for Payroll Access

1. Via Inbox

  1. Click the Inbox icon.
  2. Select the Payroll tab.
  3. Select the list of payroll access applications that you will process.

    The system will send an email notification to the email registered as the approver for each payroll component update request that is made.

  4. Then the details of the access application will be displayed as follows. You can click "Accept" to agree or click "Reject" to refuse granting access.

    - You can click "View transaction" to see detailed payroll component update information.
    - Please remember that currently access restrictions to view reports still apply, according to the Access Role assigned.

2. Via the Update History Page

  1. On the Update History tab, Update Payroll Component menu, there are a number of transaction details that need approval, click "See transaction " to open it. This feature will appear on the approver display only.
  2. Hence, you can see the Transaction list pop-up along with the details as follows. This list displays transaction requests that are pending and require approval. Click "Review" before deciding to accept or reject the update.
  3. You can make decisions based on the payroll component update information which is presented in detail as follows. Then, click "Reject" to reject or click "Approve" to accept the payroll component update request.
  4. Apart from that, on the Update History Page, you can also carry out approval by clicking "Actions" and then View transaction details with the status Need approval and  Active.
  5. On the transaction details page, click "Review update transaction". The action to the "Review update transaction" page will appear for edit and delete transaction requests only.
  6. Therefore, you can review edit, or delete transaction requests before deciding to "Approve" or "Reject".

This is a guide on how to set up and update payroll component approval on Talenta. Furthermore, you can learn how to update the payroll components that have been set by the Super Admin, here.