How To Manage Payroll Component Mapping Settings For Tax Report 1721-A1

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On Talenta, there is an annual tax slip (Form 1721-A1) which is issued every December for employees. If you wonder how to view it, you can learn about it here. You can manage payroll component mapping settings for 1721-A1 tax reports through Talenta. This arrangement was made following 73 PP 55/2022 and PP 66/2023. With this setting, the reports issued in December can be customized according to your company's tax configuration. 

Here is the guide:

  1. Log in your Talenta account. Then, click Profile Photo and Company Settings.
    0. png
  2. On the Settings tab, click Payroll, then Taxslip. To start making changes to the component mapping, click “Edit component position”.
    1. png

    You can see a description of how many components are in the listed list by hovering over the Component to find out the contents of a number of these components.

  3. Then, you will be redirected to the following page.
    2. png
    No. Name of Button/Column Description
    1 Switch to the previous settings Click to restore the component position settings before you returned them to the default settings.
    2 Components These columns are payroll components that you can move to other positions from 1721-A1. 
    3 Change position to Choose where the Component will be changed.
    4 Delete icon Click to remove the Component in that line.
    5 Add new rows Click to add a new Component line.
    6 Cancel/Save changes

    Select "Cancel" if you cancel changing the Taxslip component. Then, a confirmation pop-up will appear. Click “Leave” to continue undoing the changes.
    4. png

    Or, select " Save" to save changes to the Taxslip component. Then, the following pop-up will appear. You can confirm once again the correctness of the components you have changed.
    3. png

  4. You will return to the Taxslip Settings main page and a green notification like the following will appear to indicate that the changes have been successfully saved.
    5. png
  5. Any component changes you make will be recorded on this page. You can restore all the changes you have made to Talenta's default settings by clicking “Reset to default”.
    6. png
  6. To agree to return to the original settings, click “Reset”.
    7. png
  7. Therefore, Taxslip returns to Talenta's default settings as follows.
    8. png

This is a guide on how to manage the Payroll component mapping settings for the 1721-A1 Tax Report. Furthermore, you can learn how to report PPh 21 DTP on eSPT here.