How to Set Goals on Talenta Performance

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For employee goals, you as the Super Admin can set goals in the form of a team or individually on Talenta. In addition, you can adjust certain settings in Goals, namely Approval Settings and Mandatory Attachments in a specific submenu.

Mandatory Attachment is a setting of Goals that require employees to upload attachments to goals according to their category as proof of the progress of these goals. 

Here are the steps for setting goals:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Goals.
  3. Then, click Settings.
  4. Then, you can slide the toggle button on the Individual, Team, and/or Organization (goals category) that you want to make mandatory.
  5. Then, click "Save".

This setting can affect bulk updates on goals, bulk updates on that type of goal cannot be done once this setting is activated, learn more about it here. This is a guide on how to set goals for Talenta Performance.