How to Manage Pending Actions (Review) for Managers

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Performance reviews can be found on the Talenta Performance Dashboard. The entire list of Review tasks that must be carried out by each employee can be seen in the Pending Action Performance Review Submenu. In addition, Managers can manage Pick employee goals in Pending actions.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your Talenta Performance account.
  2. Select the Pending Actions tab.
  3. Then, a list of Active and Archived reviews will appear. On the Pending action Active tab, you can view quick details such as Cycle name, Time frame, Review period, and Pending task. To see more complete details, click "View task".
  4. Therefore, you will see the following page.
    No. Name of Button/Column Description
    1 Timeline Time frame, Pick goals period, Manage goals period, and Pick co-worker period record that the Manager can monitor in a certain cycle.
    2 Status The number of review statuses (Submit, Save as draft, and Not started) in a particular cycle.
    3 Filter Filter employee review list based on review method or status.
    4 Search bar Type the employee's name here to find employee data on the review list.
    5 Checkboxes Check to perform bulk actions (Review and Reset review).
    6 Pick goals Button to start managing and setting goals for certain employees

    The number of goals that have been determined is listed on this button. The number (0) means that no goals have been selected, the number will change if the goals have been selected.

  5. Click the "Pick goals" button on the name of the employee you selected.
  6. Hence, the Pick goals pop-up appears as shown in the following image. So, the side of the selected goals is still empty because no goals have been selected. To select goals, you need to know the following functions.
    No. Name of Button/Column Description
    1 Search bar Find goals by name.
    2 Filter Click to filter the goals you've created. You can filter by Goals progress, Measurement type, and Goal period. Then, click “Apply filter”.
    3 Goals Here is a list of goals you have made. You can select goals with one click. Then, the goals you select will move to the right in the Selected goals list.

    The goal total weight must be 100% rounded.

  7. Click "Submit" if the goals you specified are appropriate.

This is a brief guide on How to Manage Pending Actions (Review) for Managers. Furthermore, you can learn about How to Display Review Results in Detail for Super Admins and Reviewers here.