How to Change Additional Info on Talenta Mobile ESS

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On  Talenta Mobile, you can see additional fields  (Custom fields)  made by HRD at your company. These custom fields can contain various types of additional information that you can enter or change. In this guide, it is explained how to change  (edit)  Additional info on Talenta Mobile ESS.

  1. Open the Talenta Mobile application on your smartphone and click  "Account" .
    CFM1. png
  2. Then, select  Additional info.
    CFM2. png
  3. Click  "Edit" .
    CFM3. png
  4. Then, select which part you want to change by clicking on each column. When you are finished making changes, click  “Save changes” .
    CFM4. png

    If there is a yellow notification like in the image below, then you need to contact your HR to change the information in that field.
    CFM5. png

This is a guide on how to change  (edit)  Additional info on Talenta Mobile ESS. Furthermore, you can learn how to submit data changes  here.