Multiple Shift on Talenta

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In Talenta, employees can have more than 1 (one) shift per day which can be adjusted by Super Admin or Admin in Talenta company. Multiple shifts can be found in employee self-service features such as live attendance, attendance request, shift change, leave, and overtime. Thus, Admins can monitor & manage the time management module easily when implementing multiple shifts for employees.

Here is the list of multiple shift highlight features.

  1. Attendance in the Time Management menu
    1. Attendance Menu Overview
    2. How to Import Shift and Employee Attendance
    3. How to Manage Web Version of Live Attendance Feature
  2. Scheduler on Time Management menu
    1. How to Assign Single and Multiple Shift on Calendar Scheduler Page
  3. Talenta Mobile App
    1. How to Request Change Shift
    2. How to Request Time Off
    3. How to Request Attendance
    4. How to Request Overtime

You can click on each title above to open the guide. That is the explanation about Multiple Shift in Talenta.