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On the New & Active (Phase 1)  Talenta Insight page, you can view information about employees in the company, such as the number of active employees, new employees, employee transfers, retention rate, and average tenure to HR to employee ratio. You can also view Headcount Trend and Breakdown reports which are presented in graphical form.

Following are the steps to access New & Active information on Talenta Insight.

  1. Click "Insight" in the Applications section of the Dashboard Menu.  Or go to
  2. Click the "Headcount" menu at the top then select New & Active.
  3. At the top, you can see filters that you can use to filter data in the Headcount Trend and Breakdown section. You can choose a filter based on the time span, employee status, Branch, Organization, Job Level and Job Position then click "Apply filter" .
  4. Next, you can view employee information data.
    No Column Explanation
    1 All active employee Displays active employee information.
    2 New hire Displays new employee information. If you click on it, you can find the details of the new employee and download the data.
    3 Employee transfer Displays employee transfer information.
    If you click on it, then you can find employee details and download the data.
    4 Retention rate

    Displays a matrix that measures the percentage of active employees in the company for a certain period.

    With a formula like this:
    - Total Last Day Employee = Take the total employees with the condition of the join date (join_date) <= end date of the current month.
    - Total First Day Employee = Take the total employees with the conditions of join date (join_date) <= current date.
    - Total New Hire Employee = Take the total employees with the condition that the month from the join date = the month from the current date.
    - Total Retained = Total Last Day Employee - Total New Hire Employee.
    - Retention Rate = Total Retained/Total First Day Employee.

    5 Average tenure 

    Displays the average data of employees working in the company.

    With the following formula:
    - List Employee Max Tenure = Take the largest tenure value with the condition of the month of resignation >= current month.
    - Total Average Tenure = Take the average from List Employee Max Tenure (Average).

    6 Ratio HR to employee  Quantitative comparison estimation between HR and employees based on job title (HR, HC, GA, HR, Human, General Affair, People, Human Resources, Payroll, Recruitment, Benefits, Compensation, and Company Benefits).
    7 Export history icon To view export new hire and employee transfer data.
  5. Then, you can see the Headcount trend graph which contains information on active employees, current employees, and new employees.
    No Column Explanation
    1 Show value number Check to display numeric information on the chart.
    2 Download Click to download data in CSV format.
    3 All active employee Displays a graph of active employee data per month with a blue line.  You can also click current employee and new hire if you want only all active employee data to appear. blobid7__1_.png
    4 Current employee Displays data on the number of employees per month with a green line. You can also click on all active employees and new hires if you want only current employee data to appear.
    5 New hire Displays data on the number of newly joined employees this month with a purple line. You can also click on all active employee and current if you want only new hire data to appear.
  6. Finally, there is a Headcount breakdown chart that displays the number of employees based on Employment Data (Branch, Organization, Job Position, Job Level, Grade, Employment Status, and Service Length) or Demographics (Gender, Age, Last Education, Religion, and PTKP Status).
    No Column Explanation
    1 Compare with last period Tick ​​to compare the current data with the previous period.
    2 Search keyword Column to perform searches based on certain keywords.
    3 Download Click to download data in CSV format.
    4 Breakdown by

    Columns to filter data by:

    Employment Data:
    1. Branch
    2. Organization
    3. Job Position
    4. Job Level
    5. Grade
    6. Employment Status
    7. Service Length

    1. Gender

    This section displays additional percentages such as:blobid17.png
    - Female supervisor: The percentage of total female supervisors in the company.
    - Male supervisors: Percentage of the number of male supervisors in the company.
    - Male to female ratio: The ratio of female and male employees in the company.

    2. Age

    This section displays additional percentages such as:
    - Millennials: Percentage of employees in companies born in 1995 - 2012.
    - Generation Z: Percentage of employees in companies born in 1980 - 1994.
    - Generation X: Percentage of employees in companies born in 1965 - 1979.
    - Baby boomers: Percentage of employees in the company who were born in 1946 - 1964.

    3. Last education
    4. Religion
    5. PTKP Status

    This is the explanation about New & Active. Furthermore, you can learn about Headcount on Talenta Insight, here.