How to Use Mekari Payroll Disbursement on the Payroll History Menu

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Mekari Payroll Disbursement is an instant payroll payment with just one transfer to the virtual account provided by Talenta's auto-disbursement feature. You can use this auto disbursement feature for salary or THR via the Payroll History menu. Before you can use this feature, you need to activate it first by contacting the support team at email Previously, you could learn what is Mekari Payroll Disbursement, here.

- You can activate and deactivate old views through Talenta Labs.
- You can also learn how to manage disbursements with the old UI, here.

Before doing a disbursement, you need to do a run payroll first.

Here are the steps.

A. Create a Virtual Account

  1. Enter the Payroll menu.
  2. Select Payroll History.
  3. Click “Disbursement”.
  4. Click “My Virtual Account” to create a virtual account that will be used in the disbursement.
    pasted image 0 (10).png
  5. Click “Create virtual account” to create a new virtual account.
    pasted image 0 (11).png
  6. Then a pop-up  will appear like this.
    No Column Explanation
    1 Branch name Select the name of the company branch.
    2 Virtual account labels Virtual account labels can be used to differentiate one VA from another.
    3 Description Can be filled in with an explanation related to the VA in question, a maximum of five characters, and a maximum of fifty characters.
    4 Bank Select the bank that will be used for the VA in question.
  7. Next, you can optionally add VA criteria for certain employees only in the Criteria setup section.
    No. Column/Button Name Description
    1 Select filters Click to select filters based on certain categories, such as Branch, Job position, Organization, etc. You can click on one of the categories, and then check the specifications, as in the image below.

    You can check more than one specification.

    2 Delete Click to remove criteria.
    3 Add criteria Click to add criteria, so you can add filter categories.
  8. Click “Create” to create a virtual account number. 
  9. Then the virtual account will be formed as shown below.
    pasted image 0 (13).png
  10. You can also change the VA label and Description by clicking "Edit".
    pasted image 0 (14).png

B. Create Disbursement

  1. Enter the Payroll menu.
  2. Select Payroll History.
  3. Click “Disbursement”.
  4. Click “Create Disbursement” to start processing employee payroll.
    pasted image 0 (15).png
  5. Then, you will be directed to the following page.

    No. Column/Button Name Description
    1 Payroll type You can choose the payroll type, the available options are Salary or THR.
    2 Payroll period Fill in the information for the payroll payment period you want to make.

    In the latest version of Talenta, you can choose more than 1 Payroll schedule, whereas in the old version, you can only choose 1.

    3 Payment schedule Select the payment schedule used in this column.
    4 Transfer date Determine the payroll transfer date.
    5 Payroll description Add a description of this payroll disbursement.

    - The description you enter will be visible on employee account statements. 
    - Each bank has different character limits.

    6 Payroll disbursement for Click “All employees” to send to all employees. Or, click "Select Employee" to select specific employees in the sidebar that appears, as follows.
    pasted image 0 (22).png

    If the employee's payroll has been disbursed in the same period, then a reminder icon will appear on the employee's name as shown in the image below.

  6. Then, click “Next” to continue.
  7. Wait until the bank account verification process is complete and do not close this page.
  8. You will go to the validation page, here you can see the total number of employees along with the nominal disbursement.

    You will receive a yellow notification if there is employee data that is not accompanied by an account number. Click “See employee” to see the list of employees.

  9. If an employee has more than one account (multiple disbursements) which has been regulated in the split payment settings policy, you can click the "down arrow" icon to see the account details and amount as follows. However, if you do not apply the split payment policy, then all payments will be disbursed to the primary account only.

    You can request to activate the split payment policy feature by contacting or live chat.

  10. The following is an explanation of the features on this preview page.
    No. Column/Button Name Description
    1 Filter Filter the list by employee branch or division.
    2 Show employees whose payroll has been disbursed Check to display employees whose payroll has been paid.
    3 Search bar Type the employee's name to find the data.
    4 Check box Click to take action to delete employees in the list in bulk.
    5 Delete Click this icon if you want to delete employees from the disbursement process for that period individually.
  11. If your payroll details are correct, click "Next".

    You will receive the following pop-up if there are employees who have been on the disbursement list before.
    pasted image 0 (30).png

  12. Then, you will enter a confirmation page. Double-check your  Payroll data. Here, you can select the Virtual Bank Account that will be used according to the Virtual Account you created previously.

    If you use:
    - Bank Mandiri & BCA → Can only receive from the same bank.
    - BNI & Bank Permata→ Can accept from all banks other than Bank Mandiri.
    - Bank Sampoerna → Can only accept transfers from BSS (BI Fast) with a maximum of 250 million.

  13. If the information that appears on the screen is correct, click "Proceed for Payment".
    pasted image 0 (32).png

    You can carry out the disbursement process more than once in one payroll period.

  14. A confirmation pop-up will appear as follows.

    Or as follows if there is a split payment.
  15. Then, click “Proceed” to continue.
  16. Next, follow the payment instructions that appear on the screen. Click "Check Disbursement Status" to see the status of your Payroll payments.
  17. Hence, you will be directed to the following page where you can monitor the ongoing disbursement status.

    - Click "Transaction details" in the status section to view transaction details.

    - Click   "Download"  to download disbursement data in XLS format.

  18. If payment has been made, the auto disbursement system will automatically transfer funds to all employee accounts. 
  19. When the process of sending funds to employees is complete, you will receive an email again containing information that all funds have been successfully sent. Apart from that, employees will also get notifications in  their Inbox.
  20. A list of payroll payments will appear on the Payroll Disbursement page. Click “See details” to see disbursement details.
    pasted image 0 (33).png

There are five types of status will appear on this screen, namely:
Waiting for transfer: Payment has not been transferred
Success: Payment was successful
Canceled: Canceled
Scheduled: Payment has been scheduled.

If your payment uses an e-wallet transfer, there is an admin fee on the e-wallet with the amount depending on the policy of each provider. For example, with Primary 10 million rupiah, Secondary 10 million rupiah (Gopay), and Tertiary 1 million rupiah (Ovo). 
Therefore, what the user receives is:
Primary: IDR 10,000,000
Secondary: IDR 9,999,000 (Gopay) due to Admin fees of 1,000
Tertiary IDR 998,800 (Ovo) due to Admin fees of 1,200

There is an explanation of how to use Mekari payroll disbursement on the Payroll History menu. Next, you can learn how to use e-banking on the Payroll History menu.