How to Set Up Competency on Talenta Performance

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In Talenta Performance, there is a Competency feature that allows you to determine competencies according to position, assess competencies using a review cycle, and see the results on a chart. When managing the Competency feature, you need to set up Competency first.

Here is the guide:

A. Set up Items in Competency

  1. Login to your Talenta Performance account. Then, select Competency.
  2. So, you need to set Competency Items first. Click Set Up, then Items.

    Competency Items are competency attributes that are assessed based on a certain size scale.

  3. Click “Upload .xlsx”.
  4. Then, download the template for you to fill out and upload it again by clicking "Choose file".

    The following is a display of the Competency Item template. Fill in Item Name, Description (optional), and Rating Scale Description (By Default: 1 Novice, 2 Basic, 3 Intermediate, 4 Advanced, 5 Proficient). You can fill in the Rating Scale Description according to your wishes if you don't want the description to be the default.

  5. So, after the item is uploaded, you will return to the following page where all items that were successfully uploaded are immediately listed in the existing list.
  6. You can delete items individually by clicking Delete.

    - When deleting an item, a confirmation pop up will appear as follows. Click "Delete".

    - However, if you get an Unable to delete notification, it means that you cannot delete the item yet because the item has been added to the Competency group. You need to check and remove the Competency item in the Competency group mentioned.

  7. Or delete in bulk with Check , then click "Actions" and Delete bulk items.

    You can click Edit bulk items to edit items in bulk where you will be redirected to the Download template page as in point number 4.

B. Set up Group on Competency

After setting up the item, you can set up the group. Here are the steps:

  1. On the Competency Talenta Performance menu, select Set Up, then click "Group".
  2. To create a new group, click "Create group".
  3. Then, you will be redirected to the following page.

    No. Column/Button Names Description
    1 Group name Fill in the competency group name.
    2 Description Fill in the group description (optional).
    3 Select a category for this group Select a category for this group.
    • None : Without category.
    • Soft skills: Skills that include personality such as communication and integrity.
    • Hard skills: Technical skills to do a specific job.
    4 Add competency items

    Select this button to select the required Competency item for the group.

    If you haven't created a Competency Item yet, read the guide here.

  4. The following is the pop-up display if you select "Add competency item" . All Competency Items that you have created will appear on the list. Check the items you want to add to the group. Then, click "Add to list".

    Take advantage of the Search bar to search for the keyword name Competency items .

  5. Items that you have included in the list will appear in this section. If it is appropriate, click "Save".

    Click the "-" icon , if you want to delete the Competency item. Then, click “Delete” to confirm deleting the item.

  6. Then, you will be redirected to the following page and the Competency group Setup has been completed.
  7. You can delete or edit groups by clicking “Actions”.

    - If you select Edit group, then you will be redirected to the following page to change the information that has been made.

    - If you select Delete group, the following confirmation popup will appear. Select "Delete" to continue deleting. - However, if the Unable to delete

    Pop-up appears when you click Delete group, it means that the Group has been used in the Competency Assignment. You need to check and remove the Competency group in the Assignment mentioned.

This is the guide on how to Set Up Competency on Talenta Performance. To do the next step, you can learn how to Manage Competency Assignments here.