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After installing and adding settings in Talenta, then you can make settings in the Mekari Agent application. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the Mekari Agent application.
  2. Click  “Create Connection”  to open the Create Connection Wizard.
  3. Then you will enter the following page.
  4. Enter a connection name in the  Connection name field.
  5. In  the Integration type  select  Fingerprint outbound  as the connection type.
  6. Then click "Token Validation" , to validate the token.
  7. If the token is valid, then click  "Continue" .
  8. On this page, there are three options for Connection type, namely Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. 

    To learn how to set up Mekari Agent with Microsoft Access (.mdb) with flags, click here.

  9. Then click  "Test connection" .  If the test connection process is successful, you can move on to the next page.
  10. Next, you will enter the  Mapping table database page.  Then in  the Table name section, you can choose the table name from the connected database.
  11. Enter the Employee ID.
  12. And select  Access time . Then, click  "Continue".
  13. On the next page, you can choose the frequency of data synchronization (hourly/daily/weekly).  The frequency you select will set the data sync time.
  14. Next, there is an option for Mapping badge number data. These fields can be filled in optionally. Click "Continue" if the data filled in is correct.

  15. On the Auto sync page, you can complete the data in the Synchronization frequency (based on hourly/daily/weekly), Sync date, Sync time, Start checkpoint date, and Start checkpoint time columns. Click "Continue" when finished.

  16. Then a pop-up  like this  will appear and click  "Sync now"  to start synchronizing.

This is an explanation of how to set up the Mekari Agent application. You can click here to learn how to integrate Talenta with the Postman Application.