How to Setting Mekari Agent in Talenta

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The Mekari Agent application is an application designed to extract data from the database and send it to the Mekari system, which can be seen in the attendance list. Previously, you can learn how to install Mekari Agent here.

A. How to Add a Fingerprint ID

  1. On Talenta, click the Employees menu then select Employee Directory.
  2. Select the employee name, then click "Actions" and select Detail.
  3. Then on the General tab, select Employment.
  4. Then click “Edit” to change employee information.
  5. Register your fingerprint ID number to Talenta in the Barcode column. This barcode column will be used for mapping in badge no. Then click "Save changes".

B. How to Set Up an Attendance Machine

  1. Click the profile icon in the right corner then select Account Settings.
  2. Select Time Management then select Attendance.
  3. Then, click the “Machine” tab.
  4. Click “New”.
  5. Then, set the fingerprint machine according to the following setting.
    1. Flag
    2. Range
    3. Time Compare

      You can click here, to learn about Attendance Machine settings

This is an explanation of how to set up Mekari Agent on Talenta. Furthermore, you can learn how to set up a Mekari Agent here.