How to Input Employee Attendance Data with Import Fingerprint

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On Talenta, if you want to update employee attendance data via importing employee fingerprint data, you can import it on the Attendance menu. Following are the steps to import fingerprints on the Attendance menu.
  1. Go to the Time Management menu, then select “Attendance”.
  2. Click the “Import” icon.
  3. Next, select the Fingerprint Settings Name that you want to import in the Import Format. However, beforehand, make sure you have set the Attendance Machine on the Settings menu.

    You can Import Fingerprint data from the previous 4 months.

  4. Click “Choose File” to select the files you want to import.
  5. Click “Import” to import fingerprints.
  6. If a pop-up like this appears, then your import is running and you can click "View Inbox" to see the import status.

    - A queue will appear as follows when the export/import process starts. If you are an admin, you can import fingerprints with a maximum of 4 queues and 1 additional queue from other features.
    - You cannot import Fingerprints together with Run Payroll, Import Shift, and Import Attendance.

This is how to input employee attendance data with imported fingerprints. Also learn how to import shift and attendance, here.