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The Manpower Planning feature is useful for optimizing human resources in a company. With this feature, companies can set plans for the number of employees each month and find replacement employees when there are employees resign. To access this feature, you must have the role of Super Admin, Admin, or certain employees who have access.

On the Requisition tab, you can make headcount or replacement requests related to Manpower Planning. For more details, here's an overview of the Requisition tab on Manpower Planning Talenta.
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No Menu Description
1 Request This button is useful for making Headcount or Replacement requests.
2 Search To find a Job Position that has been requested before.
3 Guidebook To view the guidebook related to the Requisition tab on the Manpower Planning feature.
4 Export To export data on the requisition tab.
5 Periode Filter based on the month period you want to display in the requisition table.
6 Filter Filter based on Job Position, Status, and Request Type.
7 View details


To see the details of a request that has been made before.

8 Action

On the Actions button there are two options, namely:
- Create job vacancy: Create a job vacancy on Talenta Recruitment.
- View details: View details of the submitted Headcount or Replacement request.

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- The Actions button only appears if you integrate Manpower Planning with Talent Recruitment.
- To integrate Manpower Planning with Talenta Recruitment, you can contact
- If you don't integrate it, there is only a View details button.


Requisition  Table


A table containing information on Requisition and replacement requests that have been requested in the selected period.

This is an explanation from the Requisition tab on Manpower Planning. Click here to take a quick look at the Overview tab.