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The Manpower Planning feature is useful for optimizing human resources in a company. With this feature, companies can set plans for the number of employees each month and find replacement employees when there are employees resign. To access this feature, you must have the Super Admin or Admin role.

On the Overview tab, you can see a summary of the manpower planning that has been set. For more details, here's an overview of the Overview tab on Manpower Planning Talenta.

No Menu Description
1 Manage Planning To create a human resource management plan in the company.
2 Request for this Month To see the total requests by month automatically.
3 Need Approval To see the request for the number of employees who need approval.
4 Data per Tahun To search data by year.
5 Filter To filter by Job Position and Employment Status.
6 Job Position Job position.
7 Detail Position To view details of positions from Permanent, Contract, and Probation positions.
8 Current Headcount

Number of employees in the company at the moment.

The data in it can be affected by employees who resign, transfer employees, add new employees, and requests for additional new employees.

9 Planned Headcount The number of employees in the company that has been planned.
10 Export To export data on the Overview tab.
11 Guidebook To view the guidebook related to the Manpower Planning feature.

This is an explanation of the Overview tab on Manpower Planning. Click here to submit a headcount application to Manpower Planning.