How to Create a Poll Using Talenta Forms

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In Talenta, there is a Forms feature, which you can use to create incoming forms, surveys, or polls. With the Forms feature, you can set the various polling requirements you need, and you can also download the poll results that have been obtained. Following are the steps for creating a poll using Forms Talenta.

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Select Forms.
  3. You will then be directed to the following page, where there are 6 form templates that you can use.

    1. If you select one of the templates, a pop up will appear as follows, which contains information that with Forms+, you can add approval settings and access forms with file upload and logic jump question types.

    2. If you click "Learn about Forms+", you will be directed to the Forms+ landing page.
    3. Or if you click "Continue", you will be redirected to the question page, and you can still change the questions available.

  4. However, if you want to create forms from scratch, you can click "Create form".
  5. On the My Forms tab, click "Create form".

  6. Fill in the title of the poll and a description that describes the poll.

  7. You can also tick Submissions need approval if each submission requires prior approval. Click here to set up approval forms.

    You can only check Submission needs approval if you subscribe to Talenta Forms Plus.

  8. Click “Next”.

  9. Fill in the name of the column or question you want to ask for the poll. Then select the type of answer and complete the description if necessary.

    The types of answers contained in the Talenta forms are:
    - Text: Select text if the required answer is in the form of a sentence.
    - Number: Select "Number" if the required answer is in the form of a number.
    - Email: Choose email if you need answers in the form of an email with a domain extension (
    - Amount: Select Amount if the answer required is in nominal rupiah.
    - Option: Choose Option if the required answer is in the form of a choice (you can only choose one choice). If you choose the "Option" answer type, you can activate the Jump Question feature, which allows you to generate further questions based on the selected answer.
    - Checkboxes: Select checkboxes if the required answer is among the options (more than one choice may be chosen).
    - Linear Scale: Select Linear Scale if the required answer is in the form of a scale.
    - Date: Select a date if answers are required in date format.
    - Phone number: Select Phone number if the required answer is in the format of a phone number (08 or +62), up to 15 digits.
    - Long text: Choose this option if the required answer is in long text.
    - File upload: Select Upload file if you want to upload a file or image for answers. (This is only applicable to forms +). 

  10. You can activate Required if the question is required.

  11. You can click the "Copy" icon if you want to copy a question to become the next question, and you can click the "Trash can" icon if you want to delete a question.
  12. Click "Add question" to add a question.
  13. When you have made all the lists of questions, click "Next".
  14. Click "Select Employee" if only certain employees can access the poll, or tick Select all employees if all employees can access the poll.
  15. Tick Set reminder, to set a reminder, so employees will receive reminders to fill out the form according to the time you have set.
  16. Tick the Set schedule to set the poll closing schedule and select the closing date.
  17. Tick Send an email after employees submit the form to activate notifications so that you or the Forms Creator (who created the form) will receive notifications via email when a respondent fills out the poll.
  18. Tick Default add to new employee if new employees can be included to fill in the poll, and you can also tick Only allow 1 submission per employee if employees are only allowed to fill in the poll once.
  19. Click “Save”.
  20. Click “Submit”.
  21. Then the created poll will look like this.
  22. If you want to see the poll results, you can click the "three dots" icon, then click "Details".
  23. Then it will display the employees who have filled out the poll as well as the details of the selected answers.
  24. You can also download poll results by clicking "Export".
  25. Then you can click "Share" to copy the form link and add access for certain employees.
  26. Click "Copy link" to copy the form link.
  27. Then you can search for the name of the employee you want to grant form access to in the Invite employees who can access section and click the "+" icon to add the employee and click "Save" to save the changes.
  28. After the employee is successfully added, the access that is automatically given is Can view, where employees can only access the form without changing its contents. But if you want to give employees access to be able to change the contents of the form, you can select Can edit, or select Remove access to remove access. And click "Save" the changes.

That's how to create a poll using Forms Talenta. Learn how to manage forms in Talenta here.