Template Settings page on Talenta Performance Overview

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In Talenta Performance, Superadmin can create, view details, and duplicate templates which are presented in the form of a list. The template needs to be created before creating a cycle. Make sure you understand the following guidelines to start the Review Cycle.

The following is an overview of the template settings page on Talenta Performance.

  1. Enter the Template submenu on the Settings menu.
  2. So, the Template Settings page looks like the following.


    Column/Button Names



    Add new template

    This button is used to create a new template. You can find out how to create a new template here.


    search bar

    You can type in the keyword template that you will be looking for in this column. Then, click "Enter" on your keyboard.


    Activation toggle button 

    The activation toggle button function is to activate or deactivate the template.


    Three dots

    This icon button provides the Edit, View, and Duplicate template functions with Active status.
    Meanwhile, for those with Non-active status, only View and Duplicate options are available.

This is an overview of the template settings page on Talenta Performance. Furthermore, you can learn about How to Manage Templates on Talenta Performance here.