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How to Enable Liveness Attendance Settings

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Liveness Validation in Live Attendance is a feature that can detect whether the selfie taken is a real face or not. In contrast to face recognition, Liveness Validation can distinguish which is a real face or an artificial face image. So, this feature can recognize engineering carried out by employees properly. See here to use Liveness Attendance on Talenta Mobile.

Before you can use this feature, you need to activate it first by contacting our team at support-hr@mekari.com. In addition, there are several things that need to be considered before using this feature, namely:
- Employees are required to have a profile picture on their Talenta account.
- Make sure all employee shifts and work schedules have been entered into Talenta.

Here is a guide on how to activate Liveness Attendance settings for Superadmin/Admin:

  1. On the Talenta Web main page, click Your Profile and select Account Settings.
  2. Click Time Management, then click Live Attendance.
  3. On the Live Attendance page, make sure the Selfie required toggle button is active.
  4. Then, also activate Face recognition. You can enable (Set accuracy) or deactivate accuracy (Set no accuracy).

    If you choose to set accuracy, then a certain percentage of selfie photo accuracy that the system recognizes as valid by listing it in the Set accuracy column. The accuracy value that we recommend is at least 70%.

  5. You can also set Liveness detection in the same way as below.

    However, if you haven't activated Liveness detection, a column like the following will appear. Click “Send inquiry” to activate the Liveness detection feature.

  6. You can choose to apply this feature to all employees (All employees) or only certain employees (Selected employees).
    1. All employee selection displays.
    2. Selected employee options display.

      With a Selected employee, you can set employee criteria such as what will be required to do Face Recognition and Liveness Attendance. So, employees outside the criteria that you set, will not need to do Face Recognition and Liveness Attendance later.
      - Select criteria: You can select criteria based on Branch, Employment status, Job level, Job position, and Organization.
      - Select criteria detail: Add or select more detailed criteria information here.
      - Icon “-”: This button functions to deleteCriteria.
      - + Add criteria: Button to add the next criteria.

  7. So, if your Liveness Attendance Settings have been set up, click "Save."

This is the guide on how to activate the Liveness Attendance settings on Talenta web. To learn how to use Liveness Attendance, click here.