How to Bulk Update Payment Date Reimbursement

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On Reimbursement in the Finance Menu, you can now bulk update payment data reimbursement data. This feature will make it easier for you to enter payment dates in bulk. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Finance menu and select Reimbursement.
  2. Click “Request”.

  3. Then you will enter the Reimbursement Request page, click "Export" to download the reimbursement data.

  4. Then the following shows reimbursement data from Talenta.

  5. Fill in the Payment Date column according to the data you have in the yyyy-mm-dd format, then save your Excel file.

    What will be processed on the system is only the Payment Date column. If you change other columns (Employee Name, Effective Date, Request Amount, Paid Amount) it will not change the reimbursement transaction data. This information is included to provide additional detail compared to the Transaction ID alone.

  6. After that go back to your Talents page and click “Import”.

  7. Then, enter the Inbox menu to see the status of the import that you are doing.

  8. Click inbox Import bulk update Reimbursement Payment Date.

  9. Then information will be displayed, whether the import process that you did was successful or not.

This is an explanation of how to bulk update payment date reimbursement. Also learn how to assign reimbursement, here.