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How to Manage the Succession Plan on Talenta Performance

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The Succession Plan on Talenta Performance can be used to identify employees who have the potential to occupy key positions in the future and group them into a succession pool. 

A. How to Make a Succession Plan

Here are the steps to create a succession plan:

  1. Go to the performance review link on Talenta's dashboard.
  2. Select the "Succession Pool" menu.
  3. In this section, you can see a list of succession pools based on the Key Position that has been created along with the organization and its talent successors.
  4. If you slide the toggle toward "Employee", you will be directed to a list of employees who have been identified as potential employees for each key position.
  5. You can also filter by division or organization and click "Apply Filter" to apply the filter.5_170_.png
  6. To create a new succession pool, click “Create Succession Pool”.
  7. Determine the key position for the succession pool that will be created. The list of key positions listed here corresponds to Talenta's job position.
  8. Then select the organization that corresponds to the Key Position. For example, the UI Design Lead position goes to Organization Product & Technology.
  9. Enter the employee's tenure if necessary as a condition for identifying the employee as a successor.
  10. Choose the status of employees in the company whether permanent, contract, freelance, or other if employee status is required as a condition for identifying employees as successors.
  11. Then, click "Next".
  12. Choose the type of assessment you want. You can choose Talent performance if the assessment is carried out using a cycle in Talent performance, or Manual input if you use a third party to assess successors.
  13. If you choose Talent performance, you can choose the template that you use in the cycle that is made for assessing successors. Selecting a template at this stage is used to match the categories in the template with the competencies that will be determined in the succession pool. To see the contents of the template, you can click "View template".
  14. Fill in the minimum value or standard value for each competency of the key position.
  15. However, if you select "Manual input", you can add competency items by clicking "Add competency item". Competency in the options can be added, changed, or reduced through the "Competency item" in the Settings menu. 
  16. Select the competency you want by clicking "Select competency" and fill in the minimum value you want. You can also add other items by clicking "Add competency item".
  17. Click “Next” to continue.
  18. Click “Add talent” to add employees who have the potential to become successors for key positions.
  19. Click the “+” sign to add employees and the “-” sign to remove employees. And click "Add" to save.
  20. You can click "Filter" to search for employees by branchorganizationjob leveljob positionemployee status and service length filter.
  21. Next, you can determine the Readiness level (optional) based on the assessment results. You can clear it first and change it later on the succession pool details page when you see the gaps in the assessment results for each successor.
  22. So, the results of the Succession pool that you have created look like the following. Click "View detail" to see in detail.
  23. If the key position specified is vacant and there are successors who meet the specified competency standards, you can promote them to that position by clicking "Action" and selecting "Promote".
    If you have confirmed the promotion for the related succession, the system will send a notification to the Default Talenta Super Admin via the Talenta inbox and email. Furthermore, Talenta's Super Admin can continue the employee transfer process by pressing the proceed promote button in the Talenta inbox or email.
  24. Then, a confirmation pop-up will appear, click "Promote" to continue.
  25. You can change the readiness level by clicking "Edit readiness" and removing employees by clicking "Remove from pool".
  26. Click "View detail" to see the results of a comparison between the specified competency standards and the results of the assessment that has been carried out for successors.
  27. Click “Edit” to change the succession pool that you have created.
  28. Or you can also add employees by clicking "Add Successor Talent".

B. How to Set Competency Items

You can also make settings for competency items through the Talent Performance Review Settings section. Here are the steps: 

  1. Click the Competency item menu in the Settings section.
  2. Click "Add competency" to add a new competency.
  3. Enter the competency name and description then click “Add”.
  4. Then the competency item results that you have created will be like this. You can make edits by clicking the “pencil” icon or delete them by clicking the “trash can” icon.
    33_6_.pngCompetency items that have been used cannot be deleted and are marked with a disabled “trash can” icon (cannot be clicked).

This is how to manage the succession plan on Talenta Performance. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage Programs and Action Plans in the Individual Development Plan here.