How to Assign Roles on Talenta Performance

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You can manage the Role assigned to each employee (Assign Role) in carrying out activities on the Talenta Performance Review Application.

Employees can immediately open the Talenta Performance Review application by accessing and then logging in with the email and password normally used to access the ESS Talenta account. The default role given to employees for the first time is Employee.

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Manage Users menu in the Settings section.
  2. Select the Assign Role submenu.
  3. Then, you will be directed to a screen containing a list of employee names in the Talenta Performance Review Application.
  4. To assign roles to employees, click the "Assign Role" button.
  5. Select the employee given the roles, by clicking on the employee's name. Then the selected employee will move to the right side.

    - Use the Add All feature to add all employees at once.
    - Use the search field to find employee names based on certain keywords
    - You can also use filters, to be able to filter employee names by BranchOrganizationJob Level, and Job Position.

  6. After the employee is selected, you can determine the roles that will be given, in the Select Role section.
  7. Then click the "Save" button to save.
  8. Then a list of employee names will appear on the Assign Role start page.

    - You can change the employee's Role by clicking the "pencil" icon or delete it by clicking the "delete" icon in the Action column.
    - If you delete the employee role on this menu, the employee role will return to the default role, namely Employee.

This is a guide on how to assign roles to Talenta Performance. Furthermore, you can learn how to download activity user logs here.