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  1. What should I do if I’m very sure that my current location is correct but my GPS location is still “You are out of range”?
    This can be happening due to GPS on mobile has not finished detecting the current location after moving. GPS also depends on the use of an internet connection and high accuracy mode.
    SuggestionPlease restart your app (force close the app) and re-open the app again. Usually, this would make the GPS update the location according to the actual location, and also make sure you already set GPS setting to High Accuracy mode. 

  2. What if I don’t have an Internet connection when using Live Attendance?
    We have Offline Live Attendance Feature that makes it possible to clock in/clock out even without the internet. But the GPS function will be disabled because, in order to detect the location, it requires an internet connection. The data will be stored automatically on your mobile device and will be synced once you are online. You need to activate this feature by contacting your HR Admin.

  3. How accurate is the data in Live Attendance?
    Data is obtained directly from the user's mobile phone using the latest technology in real-time; GPS systems and biometric systems. The GPS system is used to make employee attendance data more precise, while the biometric system is a complementary system using face recognition (selfie), the system makes Talenta give you a double guarantee of the data you get.

  4. Is there any other alternative to Clock In/Out if Live Attendance on Mobile is having problems?
    Yes, we have another alternative to Clock In/Out using the Web, by accessing this URL: https://hr.talenta.co/live-attendance *contact our staff to activate this feature.

  5. How to solve the problem of a location not appearing on the Talenta Mobile iOS version?

    You can reset your location settings on iOS by following the simple guide we have outlined here.
    If you have further questions, please share the detail at support-hr@mekari.com.Thank you for choosing Talenta!