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How to Manage Templates on Talenta Performance

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In Talenta Performance, there is a Template Settings menu that contains settings regarding assessment templates. This assessment template will later be used in the review cycle process to assess performance and employee evaluation.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to review.talenta.co.
  2. Click the "Template" menu in the Settings section.
  3. Then you will go to the template list page.
  4. Click the “Add New Template” button to create a new review template.
  5. Fill in the information about the assessment template.
  6. In the Template Name section, fill in the title of the review template.
  7. Check the Required information to fill out summary, if the reviewer is required to fill in the summary column.
  8. In Select Question type,  select the type of question to be created.

    - Free text: Types of open questions (free).
    - Yes/No: Yes or no type of question.
    - Rating: Type of rating based on a certain category.
    - Percentage: Types of questions with answers from the range 0-100%.
    - Custom: Mix of all types.
    The only types of questions that can be weighted and quantified are rating and percentage question types.

  9. If in point 7, you select the Rating question type, then there will be additional settings that you can check.

    - Use weight: Select if you want to set the weighting for each category and indicator.
    - Set rating for each indicator: Used to provide a rating for the indicators created.

  10. And if in point 7, you select the Percentage question type, then there will be additional settings that you can check.

    - Use weight: Select if you want to set the weighting for each category and indicator.
    - Set rating for each indicator: Check this if the reviewer wants to give a score of more than 100%.

  11. Next, in the Category section, fill in the general name of the content that will be assessed along with a description if necessary.
  12. Category Weight, fill in the category weight. The overall category total must be 100%.
  13. Required to fill out comments, tick to require comments to be filled out in each category.
  14. Indicator shows the number of indicators per category made. Fill it with assessment content that will be answered directly by the reviewer.
  15. Indicator Weight can be filled with indicator weights. The total indicators in the category must be 100%.
  16. Add Indicator, click to add a category in the template.
  17. Ratings fill in the level of rating that the reviewer will choose.
  18. Click the "+" icon if you want to add a “rating” answer.
  19. After completing the assessment, each employee will receive an overall final score. This final value will be categorized again through the information specified in the Legend.
  20. Fill in the final value interval that you want to categorize in the number field as follows.
  21. Short description, filled with a description that will be given for each interval of the final score obtained by the employee.
  22. Color, choose a color for each final value interval.
  23. Click the "+" icon to add legend intervals. The maximum legend value is the maximum "rating" which is filled in at 16 points.
  24. After completing the required information, click "Submit" to save or click "Preview" to see the results of the template that you have created.

This is a guide on how to manage templates on Talenta Performance. Furthermore, you can learn How to Make Payroll Group Goals on Talenta Performance here.