How to View Details and Change Approved Reimbursement

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If you have roles as Superadmin or Admin, you can see in detail and change reimbursement data submitted by employees even though the submission has already gone through the approval stage. So, you can check again, add, and correct the data if there are errors. Reimbursement submissions that have been approved on the Message menu are not changed.

Here are the steps.

A. How to View Approved Reimbursement Details

  1. Go to the Finance menu, and select Reimbursement.
  2. Click “Request”.
  3. Then, select a reimbursement transaction.
  4. Then, a Request Detail will be displayed containing details of the reimbursement request transaction.
    Name Details Definition
    Transaction ID ID Number (Identifier) unique transactions.
    Reimbursement Name The name of the type of reimbursement that has been selected when submitting.
    Employee Name The name of the employee who submitted the reimbursement.
    Effective Date Effective date filled in by the user submitting reimbursement.
    Request Date Automatic date recorded by the system when the data reimbursement was submitted.
    Approval Date The automatic date is recorded by the system when the reimbursement submission has been approved.
    Payment Date The default payment date is blank, so it can be used if the company wants to update the reimbursement that has been paid.
    File Attached Attachments that can be included by the reimbursement applicant.
    Notes Notes that can be made by employees / Admin / Superadmin who apply for reimbursement.
    Status Transaction approval status.
    Download You can download the details of reimbursement by clicking the "Download" button.
    Close This button is used to close the Request Detail window.


B. How to Change Approved Reimbursement

  1. Go to the Finance menu, select Reimbursement.
  2. Then, click “Request”.
  3. Then, click the "Pencil" icon on the employee name row.
  4. You can change the amount you want to approve in the Paid Amount column.
  5. Then, click "Submit".

This is an explanation of how to view details and change reimbursement that has been approved. Also learn how to manage reimbursement policy settings, here.