Finance Menu Overview

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Finance is a menu used to manage records of all company activities related to the finance department, such as reimbursement activities, loans, to the management of cash advances. This menu can only be accessed on Talenta Enterprise.

The following is a submenu found on the Finance menu.

No. Submenu Description
1. Reimbursement Management of activities related to reimbursements, such as managing employee reimbursement policies and balances.
2. Cash Advance Management of activities related to submitting cash advances and their responsibilities.
3. Loan Management of activities related to loans to employees, such as granting loans, scheduling payments, and so on.
4. Payroll Financing Management of payroll-related activities, simplifying employee payroll costs while waiting for other urgent business needs.

Employee data contained in this section, employees can change. However, some changes, especially in the General Info section, require approval from Superadmin.