How to Access Payslip on Talenta Web

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Payslips are proof that an employee has received a salary from the company. On Talenta, you can access payslips on the Payroll Menu. You can also download payslips in PDF format.
Here are the steps:

  1. In the Dashboard view, select the Payroll menu.
  2. After that, select "View Reports".
  3. Then filter the year and month periods, as well as the branch for which you will see the payslip details. 
  4. Click "Salary Report".
  5. Select Payslip.
  6. Select the employee whose payslip will be viewed by clicking "View".
  7. Then the payslip details will be displayed as follows.

    This new look does not apply to companies that use custom payslips.

  8. You can download the payslip in PDF format by clicking "Download".
  9. The following shows the payslip that has been downloaded.
    No. Column Description
    1. Logo Show the company logo
    2. Company Name Show the company name
    3. Payroll Information Fill in employee payroll information
    4. Earning Fill in the employee benefits component
    5. Deduction Fill in the employee deduction component
    6. Take Home Pay Show the transferred salary information
    7. Benefit Fill in the information on benefits received by the employee
    8. Attendance Summary Fill in the employee attendance information
  10. Currently, Talenta has followed the latest PPh 21 (Individual Income Tax) progressive rates, as follows:
    Tariff Layer Income Range Tariff
    I 0 - Rp 60 million 5%
    II > Rp 60 - 250 million 15%
    III > Rp 250 - 500 million 25%
    IV > Rp 500 million - 5 billion 30%
    V > 5 billion  35%

That's how to access the payslip on Talenta Web. Learn about how to access other Talenta reports here.