How to Integrate Talenta with Jurnal

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In Talenta there is an Integration menu which is useful for connecting Talenta with other applications/software. You can connect one Talent account to one Company account in the Journal. The integrated data is the nominal payroll that has been processed in the Talenta system, recorded in the form of a Journal Entry in the Journal system.

A. Integration of Talents with Jurnal Accounts

On Talenta, you can integrate Talenta with your Journal account. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Company Settings menu.
  2. Select the Integrations tab.

  3. Click “Setting” in the Jurnal section.

    Only  Super Admin can activate and make integration settings.

  4. Then you will go to the Journal Integration page and click "Settings" .
  5. Enter the API key that you obtained from your Journal account, then click "Add Company".

    You can connect 1 Talenta account to more than 1 company in the Journal.  However, 1 company in the Journal can only be connected to 1 Talenta account.

  6. After successful integration, your company name will appear at the bottom.
  7. You can also delete a company by clicking "Delete".

B. Journal Entry Setting

After the Journal activation has been carried out, the Super Admin can immediately create one or several  Journal Entry templates. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Company Settings menu.
  2. Select the Integrations tab.
  3. Click “Setting” in the Jurnal section.

  4. Then click “Add Entry” to add a  Journal Entry template.

    Branch/Organization that has been used for the Journal entry template, can no longer be used as another journal entry filter.

  5. Enter the name of the Journal Entry template and the name of the Journal Entry transaction when it is synchronized to the Journal in the  Name column .
  6. Then, filter the  Branch data that you want to sync to the Journal in the Branch column. The default is all Branch.

    There are no restrictions on access to the Branch data role when setting up Journal Entry.

  7. Filter Organization data when synchronizing to the Jurnal in the Organization column. The default is all  Organization.

    There are no restrictions on access to the Organization data role when setting up Journal Entry.

  8. In the Account column, click “Add Row”.
  9. Fill in the list of accounts in the Journal that will be used as a grouping of one or several payroll components in Talenta.

    You can add a branch for setting more than 1 Journal entry.

  10. The Component column contains active payroll components, both those made by the Super Admin, and those that have been set by Talenta.
  11. The Debit and Credit column contains the placement of credit and debit positions from the account.
  12. Click "Save".
  13. The following shows the Journal Entry template that has been set.
  14. You can change the Journal Entry that has been made by clicking "Edit"  or delete it by clicking  "Delete" .

C. Perform Synchronization to the Journal

After you make integration arrangements between Talent and Journal, you can synchronize it to the Journal. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Pilih menu Payroll, lalu pilih View Report.

  2. Filter the payroll period that will be synchronized with the Journal, then click the “Lock this Period” button.
  3. Check the checkbox in the pop up that appears and click “Submit”.
  4. Then a "Sync to Journal" button will appear as follows.
  5. Then a pop-up menu will appear to select one or several Journal Entries that you have set.

  6. Click “Sync” to synchronize.

    - Super Admin must select at least one Journal Entry to be synchronized.
    - The composition of the debit and credit arrangements in the Journal Entry must be appropriate and balanced to avoid synchronous failure.

  7. Wait for the synchronization process until the message "Successfully sync to Jurnal Account, please check on your Journal Account" appears.

    - Synchronization may fail if there is an interruption of the API connection.
    - When syncing multiple journal entries, there is a possibility that only some of them are successfully synchronized, for example, 3 out of 5 journal entries are synchronized. To see the details, you can go to the activity log.

  8. You can see the synchronization results in your Journal account through the Costs menu as shown below. You can view transaction details by clicking “Transaction number” .

  9. Then your Journal Entry transaction will look like the following.

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