FAQs - Payroll Disbursements

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  1. What are the requirements needed to register for Mekari Payroll Disbursement?
    You must have previously been a Talenta customer and used the Talenta payroll feature. You need to sign a contract addendum to use the Mekari Payroll Disbursement feature.

  2. How long does it take for the funds to reach employees?
    Currently, for transfers of funds below 50 million, funds can be sent within 30 minutes of receiving the funds. For sending funds above 50 million, it takes about 3-4 hours from the time the funds are received.

  3. Can I transfer funds in parts, including from several account sources?
    You can't, you have to transfer at once in 1x transfer. Otherwise, the transfer process from your source account will fail immediately.

  4. Where can I transfer virtual accounts from anywhere?
    You can transfer from a bank account in Indonesia that supports transfers to virtual accounts.

  5. What virtual bank is used by Mekari Payroll Disbursement?
    Currently, we use BNI Virtual Account and  Mandiri Virtual Account. Mandiri Virtual Accounts can only be transferred from fellow Mandiri banks.

  6. How much is the fee charged to the user when making a transfer?
    You will be charged according to each bank's policy from the source account for the transfer.

  7. Where can I contact if there are problems with Mekari Payroll Disbursement?
    You can contact our live chat support team to help with problems experienced by users.

  8. How many payroll disbursements can I do each month?
    You can do payroll disbursement according to the Talent package you are using.

  9. What banks can be served by Mekari Payroll Disbursement?
    Currently, we serve almost all domestic banks in Indonesia (150+ banks).

  10. Can I transfer overseas?
    Currently, we cannot do payroll disbursement to foreign banks.

  11. What currencies can Mekari Payroll Disbursement serve?
    Only rupiahs.

  12. What should I do if I only need to make a disbursement to several employee accounts?
    These employees are put together in 1 payment schedule and payroll disbursements are made only for that payment schedule.

  13. Is it better to transfer directly using a BNI account to a BNI Virtual Account or from another bank account?
    There is no difference in the use of fund source accounts, the difference is the transfer method used (RTGS/SKN (LLG).

  14. When is the best time to transfer to a Virtual Account?
    It depends on the amount of funds and the transfer method used. For more details please refer back to section 4.

  15. Which company name appears on the employee account statement?
    The format will be [PT SINAR DIGITAL TERDEPAN].

  16. Can I set several dispersed schedules for different employees? Suppose I have several branches with different payroll circles?
    If separated in a different payment schedule, you can. But if the same payment schedule cannot be differentiated per employee.