How to Change Settings and Give Form Access

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You can still change the settings of the forms that you have successfully created, you can still change the settings and you can also give access to employees to whom this form is given. Here are the steps.

A. How to Change Forms Rules

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Select Forms.

  3. Click the "Three dots" on the forms that you want to change the settings, then select Details.

  4. On the Submission tab, you can see a list of employees who have submitted answers to the form you created.

  5. Click "Export" to download the submission list in Excel form.
  6. On the Customize forms tab, you can make changes to forms that already have submissions.

  7. You can change existing questions and choices, and you can add, subtract, or shift the order of questions without losing previously entered submission data.
  8. On the Respondent tab, you can add respondents or employees who can fill out the form by clicking "Select Employee" to add some employees or tick "Select all employees" to add all employees.
  9. You can click the "Remind" button next to the employee's name, in order that the employee gets a reminder to fill out the form.

  10. On the Settings tab, you can make changes to the form name or description.
  11. Tick Set reminder, to set a reminder, so the employee will receive a reminder to fill out the form according to the time you have set.

  12. Tick Send an email after employees submit the form to enable notifications in order that you or the Forms Creator (who created the form) will receive a notification via email when a respondent fills out the Forms.

    You can choose Daily summary notification to get notifications about forms in summary form every day or Instant notification to get notifications every time an employee fills out forms.

  13. Tick Submission needs approval, if the forms filled in by employees require approval.
  14. Tick Default add to new employee if you want new employees to fill out forms.

  15. Tick Only allow 1 submission per employee, if employees are only allowed to fill out forms once.
  16. Then click "Save".

B. How to Provide Forms Access

  1. Then you can click "Share" to copy the form link and add access for certain employees.
  2. Click "Copy link" to copy the form link.
  3. Then you can search for the name of the employee you want to grant form access to in the Invite employees who can access section and click the "+" icon to add the employee and click "Save" to save the changes.
  4. After the employee is successfully added, the access that is automatically given is Can view, where employees can only access the form without changing its contents. However, if you want to give employees access to be able to change the contents of the form, you can select Can edit, or select Remove access to remove access. And click "Save" the changes.

That's how to change the settings on Talenta forms. Learn how to manage forms in Talenta here.