Talenta Mobile Overview

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Talenta Mobile is an application that can be operated via smartphone. Talenta mobile will make it easier for employees to apply for leave, overtime, attendance, reimbursement, and many more. Talenta Mobile can be downloaded from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS Apple).

The following is a brief explanation of the main appearance of Talenta Mobile:


No Menu Explanation
1. Shortcut Request

Shortcut that directs to the Request Attendance submission page (Attendance). You can directly Clock In and Clock Out via this shortcut.

2. Shortcut Menu

Contains menus found on mobile talents, such as:

  1. Reimbursement
  2. Time Off
  3. Live attendance
  4. Mekari Flex

    This icon appears only when you activate Mekari Flex.

  5. Calendar
  6. Attendance Log (Daftar riwayat kehadiran)
  7. Overtime (Daftar riwayat lembur)
  8. My payslip (Slip gaji)
  9. My files
  10. Forms
  11. Reviews

This menu can also be used to make a request.

3. Banner Announcement It contains an announcement that is highlighted.
4. Your Subordinate Contains a list of employees based on the Approval Line if anyone reports directly to you.
5. Announcement Contains a list of announcements from the company.
6. Tasks Contains a list of tasks to be done.
7. Timesheet Displays the currently activated Time Tracker.
8. Home The main view of Talenta Mobile.
9. Employees Contains information about colleagues.
10. Request

The shortcut that redirects to the submission page:

  1. Request Reimbursement
  2. Request Time Off 
  3. Request Attendance
  4. Request Change Shift
  5. Request Overtime 
11. Inbox Contains a list of requests that were rejected or accepted, as well as a list of requests that require further action.
12. Account Contains general information, settings, and more, such as personal info, job info, emergency contact info, change password, FAQ, and more.

Next, you can see what are the functions of the menus found on the Talent car, such as Employee, Inbox, and Account. On these menus, there are various features that you can use for various purposes.