How to Manage Cycle Overview Dashboard

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Currently, on Talenta Performance, you can find out which employees have not provided a review or who have not determined who will be the reviewer (pick co-workers) on the Overview Menu. Here, you can also see graphs that you can filter by period, cycle, or valuation method.  

Here are the steps:

  1. On the Talenta Dashboard, click the "Performance Review" tab or go to
  2. Enter the Overview menu.
  3. Then, on the Dashboard Overview view, a graph will be displayed showing the percentage of reviews that have been carried out based on the divisions in your company.
  4. You can filter the chart based on period, cycle, and valuation methods here.
  5. You can also view a summary of the data as follows, where data will be displayed regarding total reviewers, total review tasks, the percentage of assessments that have been submitted,  and the percentage of review assignments that have not been submitted. You can also click "See all cycles" to be redirected to the Cycle Index page.
  6. Then in the chart section, you can tick "View percentage on chart" to display the percentage amount on each chart bar.
  7. In addition, if you hover over the bar graph section, the graph details will be displayed, as follows.
  8. Then, at the bottom, information will be displayed regarding the list of employees who have not submitted a review. In this section, you can also directly filter by branch, organization, job position, and job level, and you can also directly search for employee names via the Search column.
  9. In the Pending action section, you can see the total pending actions.
  10. If you click on the Action, the pending action details will be displayed, as follows.
  11. You can also send a reminder to the employee's email by clicking the "message" icon.
  12. Then in the Picked co-worker section, employees who have not yet determined who will be the reviewers (pick co-workers) will be displayed. Apart from that, you can also directly filter by branch, organization, job position, and job level, and you can also directly search for employee names via the Search column.
  13. In this section, Super Admin/HR can add or remove reviewers/co-workers that have been selected by each employee, by clicking on this section.
  14. Then, a display like the following will appear, where the Super Admin/HR can directly look for reviewers for employees.
  15. After that, select the name you want to be a reviewer.
  16. And the selected name will move to the right. You can remove the name that has moved to the right by clicking the "-" sign on the name.
  17. Then, click "Save".
  18. Apart from that, you can also send reminders to employees by clicking the "message" icon.14_47_.png
  19. Then, a reminder message template will appear that you can change as follows.
  20. And click "Send Email" to send a reminder.

This is how to manage the Talenta Performance dashboard cycle overview. Furthermore, you can learn how to Display Review Results in Detail which is on the Review Cycle menu here.