Display 360 Review Results for Managers Assessment Method

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Talenta Performance provides an option to display 360 review results for manager features to help companies that use the manager review and 360-degree review assessment methods where managers can still see the results of the assessment, both assessments that are still in process or have ended the assessment period. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to review.talenta.co .
  2. Click the "Review Cycle" tab .
  3. Click  "Create new cycle"  to create the performance appraisal cycle used.
  4. Display of 360 Manager Assessment Method Review Results is available for Cycle Performance Review and Competency Review purposes. Select the cycle destination, enter a name in the Cycle name, then click "Create".
  5. Make sure you have enabled the Manager Review and 360-degree review toggle buttons. 
  6. Then, you will see a display like the following. You can adjust the settings according to your needs. To ensure that the 360 ​​review results for managers are displayed, tick "Display 360 review results for managers".

    To study this page in more detail, study the guidebook here.

  7. If you have finished creating the cycle, go to Home and click "View all tasks".
  8. Click the Active tab, and click "View task".
  9. Click "Start review" to start the 360-degree review.
  10. Rate the complete review by giving a rating, comment, and summary. Then, click "Submit".
  11. Then, click "Action" and View 360 result.
  12. Therefore, the display of the results of the review of the 360 ​​assessment method for managers will look like the following.

This is the explanation for the display of 360 review results for the managers' assessment method. Furthermore, you can learn how to download Review Result in pdf format here.