How to Make No Approval Settings for Change Data

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Learning Center Mekari
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In the No Approval Change Data setting, employees who have the role of employee do not need to approve the submission of changes to employee personal data in the My Info section.

Follow these steps to set the No Approval for Change Data:

  1. Enter the Account Settings menu.
  2. Click the “ESS” tab and select the Approval tab.
  3. Select Change Data Request, then click “Edit”.
  4. A display like the image below will appear, then click "Add More".
  5. In this section, you can specify certain employees or all employees who do not require approval by ticking No Approval. 

    For employee roles included in this approval setting, you can immediately change the information in my info without requiring approval from the admin or super-admin.

  6. Then click “Save”.

Next, you can set approval for Talenta forms. This setting helps all employees or certain employees to be able to fill out the form that you created.