How to Create a Clock In/Out Reminder on Talenta Mobile

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Learning Center Mekari
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On Talenta Mobile, besides being able to activate fingerprints, you can also set clock-in and clock-out reminders. Here's how to set a reminder when you enter or when you leave:

  1. On the  Home menu, click the  "Account" menu.
  2. Select  the Reminder Clock In/Out setting.
  3. Select the Reminder Clock In/Out setting you want to enable. You can also set the duration and time before the Clock In/Out reminder starts. For example, if you set a clock-in schedule at 08:00 in the morning, then you can set the reminder duration at 5 minutes before the clock-in time starts, so that you will receive a clock-in reminder at 07:55. This also applies to clock-out.
  4. Enter the desired reminder time for Clock In/Out.
  5. Next, select which days you want the reminder to appear.

    If you turn on the “Set by duration” toggle, the system will automatically not send reminders on holidays & holiday shifts (you will not receive any reminders about those shifts).

  6. Then, click "Save"  to save.

This is how to create a clock-in/out reminder on Talenta Mobile. Furthermore, you can learn how to set language settings on Talenta Mobile here.