How to Activate Talenta Mobile PIN

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If you use Talenta Mobile, apart from managing and changing passwords, you can activate a PIN as a security which you can use to validate that only the user concerned can access your Talenta account.

Here are the steps.

  1. On the Home menu, click the "Account" menu.
  2. Select PIN settings.
  3. Click "Activate PIN".
  4. Enter your new PIN.
  5. Then, retype the new PIN.
  6. Furthermore, you can set the duration needed to lock the Talent view via the Timeout Interval column.

    Thus, your Talenta Mobile application will automatically lock if you open the Talenta application (for example for 1 minute) and do not do any activity.

  7. Click on “Change PIN” if you want to change the previously set PIN.

This is the guide to activating the Talenta Mobile PIN. Furthermore, you can learn how to enable fingerprints here.