How to Grant Access to Create Forms to Employees

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Learning Center Mekari
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On Talenta, for those of you Super Admin/Admin, who want to give access to employees to be able to create custom forms (create forms, surveys, or polls) independently, you can make access to employee forms settings through the Settings menu . But before that, you can learn how to create a form here.

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Account Settings menu.
  2. Click "Users" and select Access Role.
  3. You can click "New" to create a new role, or you can click "Edit" on the role you want to change access to.
  4. Then, make sure the role you have selected is Employee.
  5. Then select  Custom , and check  Forms . Click "Save"  to save the settings.
  6. Then, to assign roles to employees, you can go to the Users tab and select Users
  7. For the employee you want to grant access to, change the role with the role you created/updated.
  8. After that, on employee accounts that have been granted access, the My Forms tab will appear, where the Create Form  button will also appear, which functions to create Forms.


    When creating a form by the Employee Custom role, employees cannot see the Job Position on the list of existing employees.

    You can also set forms for the super admin or admin roles so you can access Talenta forms here. You can do this setting if you subscribe to Forms Talenta Plus.