Mekari Flex Overview

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Mekari Flex is a nominal balance that is loaned by the company to help employees fulfill their needs, such as buying phone credit, data packages, Gopay, Ovo, or electricity tokens directly, easily, and quickly through the Talenta Mobile application. 

The following is the scheme for using Mekari Flex:

If the Mekari Flex feature is activated, the feature will appear on the shortcut menu on the home screen.

This feature can only be used by companies that activate the Mekari Payroll Disbursement feature.

Before you can use this feature, you need to activate it with the help of our support team by sending an email to

You can access further explanations regarding Mekari Flex in the Mekari Flex guidebook here. Find add-ons and other recommended products for you, here.