How to Create a Leave Roster Policy

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Some companies have leave policies according to company policy. One of them is roster leave. However, before doing that, you can first add a time off policy.

Here are the steps:

To be able to use this feature, you need to activate it first by contacting our support team at email  

  1. On the Dashboard menu, click the profile icon at the top right.

  2. Then click "Company Settings".
  3. Click "Time Off" in the Time Management section.
  4. Complete the required information. Fill in the name of the roster leave policy in the Policy Name, the code for the roster leave policy made in the Policy Code, and a brief description of the roster leave policy in the Policy Description.
  5. Enter the date when the roster leave policy can be used for Effective as of.
  6. In the Policy Type section, select Roster Leave.
  7. Select other leave policies that you want to count as working time in the These days mark as workday section.

    - If there is no leave selection, then the leave roster will only take into account employee attendance.
    - The field s calculated based on attendance with code H on all shifts.
    - This field can be added to the time off policy.

  8. Fill in the conversion of the amount of working time to leave balance.
  9. Select the expiration date for the leave roster balance.
  10. Click "Save & Policy" to save the roster leave policy.

After the roster policy is made, employees can immediately request time off via Talenta Mobile. Employees can also history time off that has been proposed.