Payroll Menu Overview

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The Payroll menu is a menu that is used to manage all payroll calculations for all employees in the company.

The following is a brief explanation of the Payroll menu:


No. Column Description
1 Update Payroll Component To make changes to payroll components.
2 Run Payroll To perform the payroll calculation process.
3 View Report To view reports related to salaries, taxes, BPJS, labor, attendance, reimbursement, overtime, and loans.
4 Settings To make arrangements related to payroll.
5 Import Payroll To store employee payroll data with the import feature. This feature is usually used to store tax history on employee salaries for Talenta users who have just started using it in the middle of the year.
6 Run THR To carry out the THR calculation process.
7 Ex Employee Allowance To manage transactions for income components paid in the next period for employees who have resigned.
8 Salary Tax Calculator To perform calculations of estimated income and taxes of prospective employees.
9 NPP Transaction History To make an employee NPP change transaction that will affect the employee's JKK calculation.
10 Tax Recalculate To recalculate taxes if there is a change in PTKP based on government decisions.
11 Cost Center To add cost center information by division to employees.
12 PPh 21 DTP (ditanggung pemerintah) If recalculation is done, the data for the selected month's DTP report will automatically come out and will bring the nominal DTP in that month into the following month's DTP THP.
13 BPJS New rate To recalculate the BPJS rate with the new rate according to government regulations.
14 PKWT Compesation To make it easier to calculate the compensation costs for your employee's PKWT (Specific Time Work Agreement).

On Talenta Starter, you can only access the Import Payroll, Disbursement features, and also several reports related to payroll.