How to Make a Cash Advance Settlement Submission (Settlement / LPJ Cash Advance)

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You can use the Cash Advance Settlement section after the cash advance application has been approved. There are several things you should pay attention to, such as:

  1. If the cash advance application has been approved, then the employee must then make accountable for the cash advance received.
  2. Employees will receive a warning to carry out settlement according to the settings in this section.

Follow these steps to create an employee cash advance settlement:

  1. Enter the Finance Menu, and select Cash Advance.
  2. Open the cash advance form that has been submitted, by clicking "Request Id".
  3. Click “Create Settlement”.
  4. Enter the actual amount for the details of the cash advance application in the Settlement amount column. You can enter a higher or lower amount than previously agreed. The difference will be entered in the Variance field.
  5. Attach proof of accountability such as receipts and receipts in the attachment column.
  6. Then, click “Submit”.
  7. Next, you will wait for approval by the approver with the status of the settlement on review. Approval notification will appear in Talenta's inbox (cash advance settlement) and email.
  8. If the Settlement is approved, the status is Completed and if it is rejected, the status returns to Waiting for Settlement, so the user has to re-settle.

This is an explanation of how to make a cash advance settlement application. Also learn how to make a cash advance application by Superadmin/Admin, here.