How to Manage Employee Transfers

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Employee transfer is a feature used to record promotional activities, transfers, rotations, demotions, and changes in employee status so that there is a history of changes in employee personnel data. In this guide, you will learn how to manage employee transfer information manually and bulk import. However, beforehand, make sure you have added the employee data you want to transfer/transferred to Talenta. Here are the steps.

When an employee transfer has been submitted, direct editing cannot be done which applies to all employment data in the employee transfer.

  1. Select the  "Employee" menu then click Employee directory.
  2. After that, click  “Employee Transfer”.
  3. In the display below you can see the history of employee transfers that have been made.

A. Transfer Employee Manually

  1. By manually transferring employees, you can transfer employees for one or more employees, by clicking  "Create transfer".
  2. Then, a pop-up like the following appears.

    Now, you can make several employee transfers in one payroll period, provided that the NPWP branch is still in the same NPWP. Learn how to manage the Parent Branch on the Branch List, here.

    No. Column Name Description
    1 Employee You can select more than one employee here.
    2 Effective date Select the effective date of the employee transfer policy.
    3 Transfer type

    You can choose the types of transfers like this.

    ETRF6. png

    4 Group structures You can optionally select a group of structures with the mappings you have set in Settings. If you need to set up a new mapping, click  “Go to settings”  for a shortcut to the Settings view.
    5 Employment status Select the employment status of the employee.

    If the employee status is Permanent, then you can fill in the Sign Date.
    If the employee status is Probation, Contract or apprentice, then you can fill in the End employment status date.

    6 Branch Select the branch of the employee's office that you want to transfer.
    7 Organization Choose your employee organization.
    8 Job Position Choose your employee title.
    9 Job levels Select the employee's job level.
    10 Grade Select employee grade.
    11 Class Select employee class. This field is not required if you do not select Grade.
    12 Cost center Choose an employee cost center
    13 Cost center categories Select the employee center category. 
    14 Approval line

    Select the approval line from the employee.

    15 Manager

    Select the manager of the employee

    16 Custom fields

    Add custom fields if needed by clicking the   "Select custom field" column, then select the field options by clicking   "Select field options".

    Click "Add other" to add a new field and click the   "-"  icon to delete a field.

    17 Attachments

    You can include attachments.

    The criteria for files that can be uploaded are pdf, jpg, png, xlsx, xls, jpeg, docx, doc, csv, txt, ppt, pptx formats with a maximum size of 10MB.

    18 Document templates Select the Document template if available. This option is optional.
    19 SBU

    Select the SBU Group of the employee.

    Click the “+Add other” icon to add another SBU.

    20 Transfer reasons You can add a reason for the transfer in this column.
    21 Notify checkboxes You can uncheck or tick either/both checkboxes with notification options:
    • Notify the employee's manager by email:  To send an email to the employee's manager about this transfer.
    • Notify employee by email:  To email employees about this transfer.
  3. Click   "Submit"  to submit an employee transfer that you have completed.

    - If the company does not apply approval to employee transfers, each employee transfer status that has been made will automatically become "Approved".
    - If the company applies for approval, the status will be "Pending"  so that each employee transfer transaction will ask for approval from the user according to the approval settings (there are notifications in the inbox, approval list inbox, and email).

  4. Click on the employee transfer status.
    2022-10-03_18_06_12. jpg
  5. If you want to see data that has changed through employee transfer, click "Action" then select Details.
  6. So the detailed employee transfer history looks like this.
  7. The Admin/super admin role can take several actions such as canceling the promotion by clicking "Action" then selecting Cancel transfer.

B. Transfer Employees Using the Bulk Import Feature

  1. You can use the Import  button for data changes in bulk and use the Export  button to download employee transfer data. To transfer employees in bulk, click "Import"
  2. Then, you will be directed to the Bulk Transfer Employee page
    ETRF2. png
    1. Download the mass employee transfer spreadsheet template by clicking the “Download”   icon. Then, fill in the spreadsheet with the employee data to be transferred.
    2. Select the template that you filled out by clicking   "Choose file".
    3. Click Submit” to apply for the mass employee transfer.

This is an explanation of how to manage employee transfers. To learn the guide on how to set schedules for employees, click here.