How to Manage Programs and Action Plans in the Individual Development Plan

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The Individual Development Plan (IDP) in Talenta Performance allows Superadmin or employee role holders to create a company employee development plan. Hence, through the Individual Development Plan, you can develop and improve employee performance for both current and future positions.

In the Individual Development Plan, you can define several action plans, such as training, self-learning, coaching, and several other types.

The following is how to manage Programs and Action Plans in the Individual Development Plan:

A. How to Create, Edit, and Delete Programs in the Individual Development Plan

  1. Open the Individual Development Plan on the Talent Management menu bar.
  2. On the Individual development plan page, click “Create program”.

    You can filter your list of Individual Development Plans (IDP) and find the details you want in this section.

  3. Fill in the required information in the fields provided.
    No. Column Name Description
    1 Development plan name Enter the name of the development plan program.
    2 Objective Fill in the goals of the program. You can also choose one of the previously filled objectives.
    3 Employee Select your employee name available on the dropdown.
    4 Informal Education You can view the details of your employee's Informal Education here.
    5 Focus plan Select the "Current job position" program objective for the current employee's job, or "Future job position"  to prepare for the employee's future/next job.
    6 Add action plans Add an action plan by clicking "Add action plan"  to fill in the details that will be explained in point number 4.
    7 Action plan data details You can see details of the action plan that has been made here.
  4. The following is a list of the Action plan columns that you need to fill in.
    No. Column Name Description
    1 Categories Fill in the category of your action plan. You can also choose one of the pre-filled categories.
    2 Action plan name Create your action plan name here.
    3 Description Describe the action plan you made.
    4 Start/End date Complete the start date and end date of the action plan.
    5 Attachments Select supporting files or images to include in the action plan details by clicking “Choose file”.
    6 Add new action plan after saving You can click on the box to the left of the text to add a new action plan automatically after saving this action plan.
  5. Select “Add” to add an Action plan to your IDP Program.
  6. Then, your Action plan will be added to the Action plan details. Click the “Three Dots”  icon to edit or delete the Action plan.
  7. Select  “Submit” to save your new IDP program.

B. How to Change Status, Edit, and Delete Action Plans in the Individual Development Plan

  1. In the Individual development plan list, click “View Detail”  on the development plan you want to manage.
  2. Then, you will see the details of your Development plan.
    No. Column Name Description
    1 Edit Click the "Edit"  button to edit the program development plan.
    2 Add action plans Click  “Add action plan”  to add a new Action plan to your program. Then, click "Add" to save the additional action plan.
    3 Employee's Development plan details In this line, there are program details such as; employee name, position, program objective, action plan status (Completed, In progress, and To do) along with the amount.
    4 Filters and Search bar In this line, you can filter by the status of your action plan and search for a specific action plan in the search bar.
  3. On your action plan list, click “Actions”, then Update to change the action plan status.IDPLAN__10_.png
  4. Then, a pop-up will appear as follows. You can click on the dropdown under Status, then change it to the current action plan status.
  5. Apart from that, you can also click "Edit" on the “Actions” dropdown in the action plan list.
  6. Then, the following pop-up will appear. Just like when filling out a new action plan, you are asked to fill in the required information on the system. Click "Save" to save changes.
  7. To delete an action plan, click "Delete" in the “Actions” dropdown in one of the action plans lists that you want to delete.
  8. Then, in the pop-up that appears, select "Delete".

This is a guide on how to manage Programs and Action Plans in the Individual Development Plan. Furthermore, you can learn about other Talenta applications, namely Talenta Recruitment, which can support your recruitment function here.