How to See the Organization Chart on Talenta Mobile

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Apart from going through the website, employees can also view the organization chart on Talenta mobile. However, before that, Super Admin needed to set up a manager on Talenta web. Follow these steps to access the organization chart on Talenta mobile: 

  1. Enter your Talenta mobile.
  2. Click the Employee menu.
  3. In this section, you can see a list of employees in your company. 
  4. You can also filter to highlight certain employees. To perform a filter, click the “Filter” icon.
  5. Here, you can select a filter by branch area of ​​the company or organization. Then click "Apply" to apply.
  6. Meanwhile, to see the organization chart, you can click the “chart” icon.
    HR must set up a manager first to make the organization chart appear.
  7. The following organization chart is displayed. You can click "Show more" to see other superiors (if any).
  8. In this section, you can also filter to display only certain employee charts, by clicking the "Filter" icon.
  9. Select the filter you want and click "Apply" to save.
  10. To find an employee's name, you use the "Search" icon here.
  11. After the search results appear, you can also search for your position by clicking "Find me".
  12. If you want to see specific employee information in more detail, you can tap and hold the employee profile.

    If you click on an employee's profile photo, then you will be directed to see the employee's subordinate.

  13. The following is the detailed employee information displayed. 

This is the guide on how to view the organizational chart on Talenta Mobile. To learn how to change Employee Data (Employee Data Update), click here.