Time Off Menu Overview

How to Assign Time Off

How to Update Time Off Balance (Employee Leave Balance)

How To Remove Leave Policy

How to Stop the Enforcement of Leave Policy (Expired Leave)

How To Manage Joint Leave That Intersects Annual Leave

Time Management Menu Overview

How to Input Overtime by Superadmin/Admin

How to Request Overtime by Superadmin/Admin

Overtime Planning Page Overview

How to Create a New Overtime Plan

How to View Employee Overtime List

Attendance Menu Overview

How to Submit a Smart Attendance Notification

How to Input Joint Leave in Attendance

How to Input Employee Attendance Data with Import Fingerprint

How to Import Shift and Employee Attendance

How to Apply for Shift Schedule Changes by Superadmin

On-call Index page on Time Management Talenta Overview

How to Create an On-call Schedule and Assign/Remove On-call Shifts

Scheduler Menu Overview (New)

Schedule Menu Overview

How to Add or Change Employee Schedule

How to Assign Employee Shifts on the Schedule Menu (New)

How to Assign Single and Multiple Shifts in the Calendar Scheduler Page

Multiple Shift on Talenta

How to Manage Calendar Sub-Menu

How to Input Joint Leave at the Event