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How to Create and Delete PKWT Compensation on Talenta Web

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As a Super Admin/Admin, you can create and delete PKWT Compensation (PKWT Compensation) on the Payroll menu on Talenta Web. This feature makes it easy for you to calculate the compensation costs for your employee's PKWT (Specific Time Work Agreement).

Here's how to create and delete PKWT compensation:

A. How to Create PKWT Compensation

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on the Payroll menu.
  2. Then, in the Government Regulations section, click "PKWT Compensation".
  3. Click “Create New”.
  4. Set the Payroll period including compensation at Paid compensation on. Then, click "Add/delete employees".

    This feature is only available to employees with Talenta Employment Status who have a working deadline (end date), are not interns (internship), have a minimum length of service of one month (length of service), and have an employee tax status of permanent employee. Employees who fall outside of these criteria will not appear on the selectable list.

  5. On the Select employee pop-up up, place the cursor on the name of the employee you want to select, then click the "+" icon. Then, click "Save".
  6. Then, you will see a list like the following.

    - The Talenta system will suggest a nominal PKWT compensation based on Length of Service / 12 times salary by default, but you can manually adjust the data in the columns Start contract date, End contract date, Work duration, and amount (amount of compensation).
    - These three information are independent of each other and can be filled in freely according to your records. The influence that will carry over to the payroll process is only the amount that is entered. 

  7. To make a PKWT compensation for the employee, click the "Submit" button. 

B. How to Delete PKWT Compensation

  1. To delete PKWT compensation, click on the Payroll menu.
  2. Then, in the Government Regulations section, click "PKWT Compensation".
  3. On the PKWT Compensation list, click the icon "Trash Bin" to delete the employee whose compensation you want to delete.

    There is a filter feature based on category (Branch, Status, Organization, and Employment Status), payroll period filter (Period), and a search bar to make it easier to find your employee list.

  4. Then, select "Delete" in the pop up that appears.

    You still need to repeat Run Payroll to recalculate after deleting a transaction.

This is a guide on how to create and delete PKWT compensation on Talenta Web. Learn more about Payroll Menu overiew here.