How to Manage Employment Data in Employee General Info (New)

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Employment is a tab that contains employee employment information consisting of Employment Data and Direct Report. In this section, you will learn how to manage Employment Data on the General Info Tab.

Here are the steps.

If there are changes to the Organization Name, Job Position, Job Level, Employment Status, Branch, and Class it is not recommended to change them directly in this section. If there are changes, they can be made to the Employee Transfer Feature therefore, there is a history of changes to job data.

  1. Click the"Employees" menu and select the Employee directory.

  2. Then, click "Employee name".

  3. Select the General tab, then click "Employment".
  4. On this page, click "Edit" to change the Employment data.
  5. Click "Employee ID" to fill in the change in Employee ID.
  6. Click "Barcode" to fill in the change in employee absence numbers on the fingerprint machine.
  7. Click "Join date" to change the employee joining date.
  8. Click "Approval Line" to change the employee approval line.
  9. Click "Manager" to change the employee's Manager.
  10. Then click ”Save Changes”.
  11. On the bottom page, you can see the employee's direct report.ED_8.png

    Direct Report information will only appear for users who have direct reports/subordinates, the user will be shown the contact information of the subordinates they have.

    This is an explanation of how to manage employment data in general employee info. Also learn how to manage personal data in general employee info, here.