How to Manage Tasks

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The task is a feature found on the Company menu. This feature can be used to review and manage assigned and acquired employee assignments. Currently, Tasks on Talenta are equipped with the Projects feature. You can manage multiple tasks at once in Projects.

1. How to Create New Task

To create a new task on Talenta, you can access it via the Task menu, where you can also categorize the task into projects directly. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Company menu then click "Task".
  2. Select the All Tasks tab.
  3. Click “Create New Task” to create a new task.
  4. Enter the name of the task in the Task name field.
  5. Select a project for the Task. Select New Project if you want to create a new project or No Project if the task is not included in any project.
  6. Next, select which employee will be given the task.

    The list of employees that appears is only those who have joined the project that has been selected. If you want to add other employees, you can add members first to the project.  

  7. Enter the date and time for the task to be completed.
  8. Or check the "No Due Date" information if there is no time limit for the task.
  9. You can provide detailed information about the task in the Description column.
  10. If you want to attach supporting files, you can attach them to the Attachment button.

    The maximum file size is 10 MB.

  11. You can also provide notification via email to the employee concerned by ticking "Email to assigned employee".
  12. After everything is filled in completely, click "Save" to save the task.
  13. Then the task you just created will enter the to-do tab like this.
  14. You can also export tasks by clicking the "Export XLS" button.
  15. Hence, the exported data will look like this.

2. How to Create a New Project

On Talenta Task Menu, you can create a New Project. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Company menu then click "Task".
  2. Select the Projects tab.
  3. Click “Create Project”.
  4. You can enter a project name in the Name column.
  5. Select Color, to provide a color label for the project, then click "Save".
  6. Then the Project will be formed as shown below.

    Employees who create projects will automatically become admins of the project.

  7. Click the “Pencil” icon if you want to change the project name and label color for that project.mceclip7.png
  8. You can see the status of the project as shown below which already consists of tasks that have previously been created for the project, click here to learn how to create tasks.

    The complete bar is based on the number of tasks entered in the Done progress.

  9. Click the Project Name to see the details of the tasks in the project.
  10. Then it will look like the image below.
    No. Column Explanation
    1. Members
    You can view the total number of members and project admins. You can view the total number of members and project admins.
    2. Total time tracked
    You can view the total hours for the project and how long it has been going on.
    3. Bar
    You can view the progress of the task in the project.
    4. Task
    All tasks that are in the project can be seen on the task tab.
    5. Members
    You can see a list of project admins and members who are members of a project.
    6. All assignee
    You can filter the task list by employee name.
    7. Search task by name
    You can search for tasks by typing keywords.
    8. To do
    Contains tasks whose status is to do.
    9. In progress
    contains a task whose status is in progress.
    10. Done
    Contains tasks whose status is done.
  11.  Click the “Triple Dots” icon to make changes or archive the project.
  12. Click the “Delete” icon to delete the project.
  13. You can see all archived projects on the Archive tab.
  14. If you want to re-enable the archived project state, click the Arrow icon.
  15. Then the project will return to the Active tab.

3. How to Manage a Specific Project

On the Task Menu, you, as the giver and recipient of the task, can update the progress of the task. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Company menu then click "Task".
  2. On the All Task tab, you will see the tasks you have on the To Do tab like this.
  3. Click the task that you want to update.

    If the task is past its due date, then the date will turn red like this.

  4. You can provide comments and file attachments in the “Write your comment here” column.
  5. Then your comment activity will look like this.
  6. You can change the task status on the “To do” button.

    - To do: Task status describes the task recently given by the assigner.
    - In progress: The task status describes the task as still in progress.
    - Done: The status of the task describes the task that has been completed.

  7. Then the task will move to the tab according to the selected status.

You can also measure the time it takes to do a task by using the Time Tracker feature. You can use this feature to calculate the speed of doing a job.