Talenta Starter Onboarding Overview

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Here are some activities that you need to pay attention to when you start using Talenta Starter.

1. Manage Schedule policies (Work Schedule)

You must complete this information when creating a new employee. You can make arrangements in advance regarding the Schedule on the Company Setting menu. Learn how to set a Schedule here.

2. Managing Employee Time Off Data

In managing employee leaves, you can enter the Time Off sub-menu on the Time Management menu. Here, you can manage leave policies that apply to the company, such as creating new policies, changing policy settings to using these policies on employees. Learn all the activities on the Time Off submenu here.

3. Managing Employee Data

Adding employee data can be done on the Employees menu. In addition, the Employees menu can also be used to manage all employee information as a company database, both employee personal information, employment information, and payroll information, and includes activities for adding employees, changing employee information, history of employee transfers, adjusting PTKP status, importing employee data, etc. Learn how to manage employee data here

4. Manage Live Attendance

On Talenta Starter, you can also use the  Check In and  Check Out features on Live Attendance. However, before you can use this feature, you need to activate it first by contacting the support team at email support-hr@mekari.com. Learn more about managing Live Attendance here.

5. Payroll Disbursements

Mekari Payroll Disbursement is an instant payroll payment with just one transfer to the virtual account provided by Talenta's auto-disbursement feature. Learn more about how to use Payroll Disbursement here.

6. Import Payroll

In Talenta Starter, employee payroll information can be entered using the Import Payroll feature. Learn more about how to import payroll here.