How to Invite Users on Talenta Recruitment

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In Talenta Recruitment, you can manage your employee Access role. After this step, you can invite users to Talenta Recruitment which will be explained in this guide.

Following are the steps for inviting users to Talenta Recruitment:

  1. On the Dashboard,  click Recruitment.
  2. After that, click the  Settings menu, then select Access Role.
  3. Next, select Users and click the “Add User” button.
  4. Choose the name of the employee to be invited using Talenta Recruitment.
  5. The employees you select will be displayed in the Selected Employees column.
  6. Next, select the access rights granted in the Role field then click "Save" to save.

This is a guide on how to invite users to Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage email settings here.